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Kære skønne venner

Hvordan hjælper ECHO?

Baseret på principperne om Oplysning, Samarbejde og Håb giver ECHO en sikker, bekvem og informativ vej til familier, som ønsker CBD.

Med de mange myter, som stadigvæk eksisterer omkring CBD, er ECHO dedikeret til at sprede bevidsthed og sikre, at folk har adgang til vores omfattende bibliotek over studier samt vores netværk af CBD-venlige læger.

Udover det tilbyder ECHO endda produktdonationer og finansiel støtte til familier i nød. 

Jeg brænder for at hjælpe disse børn, og donerer fast hver måned, men ønsker at kunne yde en større hjælp.

Donationerne via min ECHO Connection hjemmeside, går udelukkende til familier her i Europa.

Skulle du som jeg ønske at hjælpe disse familier, vil jeg være taknemmelig, og siger på forhånd tak for din hjælp

Jeg skal møde nogle af disse Europæiske familier for første gang i Amsterdam den 28/29 september.

Af hjertet tak -  Annita Jensen



ECHO supports families facing critical illness in Europe.  Won't you please support this important cause?

Our vision is a world where cannabinoids are available and accepted by all and since our inception we have made remarkable progress towards that end.  We focus on three areas of impact – Education, Collaboration and Hope.



ECHO aims to educate the world about the benefits and science of cannabinoids.  A tremendous amount of research is being conducted throughout the world, revealing more about CBD, other cannabinoids, and cannabinoid science.  ECHO is building the world’s largest library of this research for easy, free access to anyone looking for more information. We also publish original articles and share breaking news as it happens in the United State and abroad.  Our work is making a difference. Since 2017, over 1.3 Million visitors have found critical educational material on our website. We are providing information people crave and are becoming an independent source that people trust.



CBD and other cannabinoids are emerging as an acceptable form of natural health support for a wide range of conditions and health challenges.  Most local physicians are lacking in general information and guidance concerning CBD for their patients. ECHO Connection is providing a community where individuals can seek information and share personal experiences and resources.  We are pleased that our Facebook community alone has grown to over 5700 individuals.



Our mission is to support critically ill individuals who demonstrate financial need with the donation of CBD products on monthly basis.  Because of the company’s generous product donation program and because of generous cash contributions, we have provided this life affirming product to over 144 individuals since our program began.  Our ECHO families range in age from 2 years old to 70 years old and have applied for support for a wide-ranging array of conditions. We are supporting families across the United States as well multiple countries in Europe including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy and Russia.


  • ECHO Humanitarian Donors

Donors who support ECHO Connection with a gift of $10,000 or greater will be awarded an annual ECHO Humanitarian Pin. As a way of honoring your support, ECHO will create an ECHO video that features your personalized message that you can use in social media and on your personal website.

  • ECHO Hero Gifts

ECHO Hero Donors commit to annual gifts of $1,000 or greater. Hero donors receive a Hero Pin, an ECHO t-shirt and are acknowledged in our annual donor report.

  • ECHO Membership Gifts

We are also encouraging monthly giving with a new membership pin for gifts of $10 a month or greater, or the equivalent of $120/US (about €110). This will allow all Brand Ambassadors to show their ECHO pride.

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